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Catalina Island

Catalina is a popular destination for local area boaters.



Mooring Usage

  1. Use pole to attach Bow Hawser to Bow Cleat. (Hawser is located approximately six-feet below the surface of the water.)
  2. Run Spreader Line to boat stern. (Spreader Line is attached to Bow Hawser.)
  3. Remove slack from Spreader Line and attach Stern Hawser to Stern Cleat.
  4. Re-check Bow and Stern Cleats to make sure you are moored securely. Drop slack Spreader Line into water.

Leaving a mooring

  1. First untie the stern line, then the bow line (wind conditions may require this to be done in the reverse order). Drop them and the spreader line into the water.
  2. To prevent fouling, allow time for lines to sink free and clear of your propeller. Double check that your propeller is clear of lines before proceeding.
  3. If you believe you have fouled your propeller, please call the Harbor Patrol on VHF Channel 9 for assistance.
  4. If you have not done so already, pay your mooring fees. An administration charge will be added to any fees not paid prior to departure.

For more information, visit Santa Catalina Island Company.