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Santa Barbara Island

Santa Barbara Island is located near  N33° 29.3' / W119° 01.8' and is 40 miles SW from Los Angeles and 40 miles SE from Ventura.  Santa Barbara Island is approximately 1.5 miles long and 1.0 miles wide.  There are 5.5 miles of hiking trails and the bird watching is excellent.

The main anchorage lies near the NE corner of the island, below the National Park Service huts on top of the cliffs.  Anchor off the landing in 30' or more. This anchorage is a dangerous lee shore in Santa Ana winds.  Landing is by dinghy and requires climbing a tall ladder. There's also a temporary, calm weather anchorage on the NW corner of the island near Shag Rock. The anchorage is 30' to 35' sand, is free of kelp and lies below the highest cliff on the north shore.

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