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2013 7th Annual TOSCA Cruise Program

BBQ Friday - 1800 hours.  Buffalo Park. This site is directly behind the restaurant and bar area. Look for the TOSCA banner. Bring your own entree.  We will have these side items.
Baked Potatoes
Garden Salad
Cookie Assortment
Baked Beans
Plates, Napkins, Utensils
BBQ Tongs & Spatulas
Bag of Charcoal + Lighter + Fluid (Restaurant will start fire at 1745 hours).
Saturday Morning Meeting-1030 hours. Look for us at the picnic benches near the General Store. Program TBA. Please be prompt as a courtesy to these speakers and your organizers.
Saturday 1230 hrs . No host informal lunch at the restaurant bar or on a Tartan with other TOSCAns. The afternnon is free for you to relax and visit other boats and generally enjoy the pleasant ambiance of the Isthmus. 

1600 to 1800 hrs. TOSCA Sunset Wine Party TBA. This is one of the high points of the cruise -- don't miss it. 
Saturday Dinner at Harbor Reef - 1930 hrs,  40 people
Set Menu/ Back Dining Room. Order what you wish from this menu.

Ravenswood Chardonnay
Ravenswood Cabernet
Bowtie Chicken Pasta
Fish & Chips
Calamari Piccata
Caesar Salad with Chicken or Shrimp
Half Rack of BBQ Pork Ribs
Half salad or cup of clam chowder
If questions, call Bill Solberg at 310 709 3453 or our caterer

Leslie Luchau-Boutillier
Two Harbors Events & Catering