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2013 Cruise Reservation Form

TOSCA Cruise Reservation Form 
Annual Rendezvous at the Isthmus (Two Harbors Cruise)
August 9-11, 2013
Instructions - Please complete the form by either: coping and editing the page in a word processor program OR print out and complete by hand.  Submit the completed form via email to or by regular mail and send check for payment amount made out to TOSCA and address to William Solberg, 3224 Kelton Avenue, Los Angeles, Ca 90034.


I will attend with ________ crew. 
I am undecided and ________% likely to attend with ________ crew.

Contact Information

Skippers Name ________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address ________________________________________________________________________
Telephone __________________________ Email _________________________________

Boat Information

Name __________________________________ Home Port __________________________________
Model __________________________________ Year __________________________________


___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________
___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________

Event Fees

Lifetime Membership __________ $50.00    If not already lifetime member
Rendezvous Fee __________ TBD for each adult
  __________ $TBD for each child under 12 years of age
TOSCA Cap __________ $20.00 each
TOSCA Burgee __________ $25.00 each
TOSCA Flying Banner (used) __________ Free, as long as they last.
Total Enclosed __________  

IMPORTANT: We must guarantee numbers for the Saturday evening dinner at Harbor Reef Restaurant by June 6. Thus we will be unable to refund the rendezvous fee after this date.

Make your check out to: 


Mail check to:

William Solberg

3224 Kelton Ave.

Los Angeles, California 90034

Thank you - we look forward to seeing you!