TOSCA is an organization of Tartan owners in Southern California devoted to friendship and the pursuit of sailing. TOSCA endeavors to provide a network of area Tartan owners who might assist one another in various aspects of boat ownership.

TOSCA was formed in 1995 when Doug Mills and Bill Solberg felt there was a need in Southern California for Tartan Owners to gather, socialize and share information regarding Tartan yachts.  Since then the group has grown to more than 30 active members that meet regularly in San Diego at the San Diego Boat Show in January, in the summer (July or August) for the Catalina Rendezvous and several times a year for land-based dinners and day-sails throughout Southern California.

We are finding the Facebook Friends of TOSCA to be more accommodating to communicating activities and events among  our members. Be sure to check Friends of TOSCA for updates!



In past years, a group of TOSCA'ns gather at the San Diego Boat Show at the San Diego Sunroad Marina. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow members and review the new generation Tartans. We usually coordinate a dinner or BBQ Saturday evening and a San Diego Bay cruise on Sunday following the show.

Several informal cruises and gatherings are conducted during the year where a group of TOSCA'ns meet for day-sails and/or raft-ups at various marinas or bays up and down the coast.  This is a good opportunity to sail with fellow TOSCA'ns on their boat and to explore other areas.  In the past, we've sailed in San Diego Bay and Los Angeles Harbor, and we just had a raft-up in Mission Bay Additionally, usually one or two TOSCA'ns head to the Northern Channel Islands to explore Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, or even San Miguel, with possible stop-over in the city of Santa Barbara.

Several land dinners are scheduled during the year. Past year we've met at in the Spring and Fall, centrally located at member's homes in  Long Beach and Irvine.

In the past, we've held the annual Catalina Rendezvous at the Isthmus. Those of you who have been on the cruise before know this is a great time of year at Catalina.  We will plan on a Thursday or Friday arrival with events planned for Friday afternoon through Saturday evening. Tartan Yachts is usually a major sponsor of our event.

This is a great time to exchange thoughts with other Tartan owners. There are a lot of clever people in TOSCA, and it is very interesting to hear what others do with their boats, and what they have done to them, We hope those of you who have not made the cruise will come along this year. Its been a great event.
Director: Don McLennan
Treasurer: Patty Conner

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