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Santa Catalina Island’s beautiful scenery, pristine water and abundant boater services make boating to the island a romantic, maritime experience you will never forget. There are over 300 moorings owned by the City of Avalon.  Most are privately leased by individuals and can be "rented" to the recreational boater on a first come, first serve basis.  Dinghy docks, pump-out and fuel stations, and other services for boaters are available nearby.

When you arrive, use VHF Channel 12 to contact the Harbor Patrol, who will meet you just outside the mooring area to assign and possibly escort you to your spot. Mooring assignments are temporary and fees are based on mooring size and the length of your stay. All mooring fees are payable upon arrival.

Avalon Bay is a No-Discharge area. Harbor Patrol officials will ask you to drop a dye tab in your waste tank. If you do pump overboard, the water around your boat will change color and you will be fined and asked not to return for an entire year.

For more information, please contact the Avalon Harbor Department 310-510-0535 or

Location: N33° 20.758' / W118° 19.347';

Visitor Services

Dinghy Docks - Dinghy docks are provided throughout the harbor for dinghies 14' and under.  Dinghy locks are recommended.

Shoreboats - Shoreboat service monitors VHF channel 9.

Marine Mechanic - Several are available and ma be contacted by calling "Marine Repair" on VHF channel 16.

Vessel Assist - Call Vessel Assist on VHF channel 16 or 310 510-1675 or 800 367-8222.

Marine Fuel Dock - Gas and diesel are available at the fuel dock, 310 510-0046.

Oil Collection - Used oil collection is available at the fuel dock.

Chamber of Commerce - End of the Pleasure Pier, 310 510-1520.

ICE - Available on Shoreboat Float, fuel dock and grocery and liquor stores.

Grocery Stores - Located on Catalina Ave. and Metropole Ave.

Pump-A-Head - Free of charge Pump-A-Head float at west side of the Harbor near the Casino.

Water - Located at fuel dock and Pump-A-Head float.

Showers - Located on Casino Way, 310 510-0208.

Restrooms - Located at Casino, Mole Terminal, Casino Way, and Pleasure Pier.

Laundromat - Located at Casino showers and two other locations on Metropole.

Propane - Edison plant at Pebbly Beach.

Important Information

Avalon Harbor Department - VHF CHannel 12 and 16, 310 510-0535

L.A. County Sheriff's Department - 310 510-0174

NOAA Chart Viewer - Chart 18757


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