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Channel Islands Harbor/Oxnard

Overview, Navigation, Hazards

Channel Islands Harbor, located 1 mile NW of Port Hueneme and 5.8 miles SE of Ventura Harbor,  is a small-craft harbor that is a convenient location to the Channel Islands.  The harbor is used by pleasure and sport fishing vessels and has berthing facilities for over 2,400 boats. 

The entrance to Channel Islands Harbor is between two jetties protected by an offshore breakwater.  Each end of the breakwater and both the seward and inshore ends of both jetties are marked by lights.  A fog signal is located at the seaward end of the S jetty. The SE entrance is subject to large swells and uncertain shoaling.  Mariners are advised to approach the entrance from the S and to exercise caution when approaching the harbor at night.    

Harbor Location: The south harbor entrance is located at 34 09.196N / 119 13.77W; the north harbor entrance is located at 34 09.637N / 119 14.094W.  Refer to Chart 18724 - Port Hueneme and Approaches, 1:20,000.

Lights, Fog Signals

North Breakwater Flashing 4 Seconds  / North Jetty Flashing Green 4 Seconds "3"

South Breakwater: Flashing Green 6 Seconds "1" / South Jetty Flashing Red 2.5 Seconds "2".

Fog horn is located at the end of the south jetty with ? second blast sounded every ? seconds, recognizable up-to 1/4 mile from the harbor entrance.

Harbor, Guest Slips

The harbor is adminstered by the Harbor County Department, Ventura County, and is under the control of the harbormaster, who has an office on the E side fo the harbor about 400 yards N of the first bend in the channel.  The harbor office maintains guest berths for 70 craft. 

Guest docks are available by approaching the Harbormaster Dock. 

Overnight docks are available for up to 10 days.  Additional days may be requested by contacting the Harbormaster.  Overnight guest dock fees are $1.00 per foot per night.  Keycards are available with $20 refundable deposit.

Yacht Clubs

Useful Links

Harbor Patrol: 805 382-3007 and 805 382-3011; Emergency: 805 382-3000; VHF Radio channel 16, 12 and 73.

NOAA Chart Viewer - Chart 18725

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