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Dana Point

Overview, Navigation, Hazards

Dana Point Harbor is a small-craft harbor in the lee of Dana Point.  The entrance is from the East between two breakwaters marked by a light on the seaward end.  A fog signal is a the South light.  A rock, covered 7 1/2 feet and marked by a lighted buoy is about 300 yards North-East of the South breakwater.  

The harbor's East and West basins are separated by a fixed bridge with clearance of 20 feet. Berths in the East basin can accommodate over 1,400 vessels.

Harbor Location:  33 27.231N 117 41.272W  Chart 18746 San Pedro Channel;Dana Point Harbor 1:20,000.

Lights, Fog Signals

North Breakwater Flashing Red 4 Seconds "4" 

South Breakwater: Flashing Green 4 Seconds "3"

Fog horn and radio beacon are located at the end of the north jetty with 2 second blast sounded every 20 seconds, recognizable up-to 1/4 mile from the harbor entrance.

Harbor, Guest Slips

The Dana Point Harbor Patrol has an office in the most southeasterly building observed after passing through the breakwater.  The patrol maintains a 24-hour radio watch on 2182 kHz and VHF-FM channel 16.  Berthing assignments for about 40 craft are available at the harbor patrol office.

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