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Long Beach

Overview, Navigation, Hazards

Long Beach Harbor is located at the East part of the San Pedro Bay.  Los Angeles Harbor is located at the West end end of San Pedro Bay.  Long Beach and Los Angeles Harbors are connected by Cerritos Channel and separated by about 4 miles.

The Port of Long Beach is one of the largest ports on the Pacific Coast.  It has extensive foreign and domestic traffic with modern facilities for large vessels.  It is a major container cargo port.  The San Pedro Breakwater extends about 0.9 mile in a South-East direction from the East side of Point Fermin, then turns East-North-East for another 0.9 mile to Los Angeles Light. The Middle Breakwater extends East-North-East for 2.1 miles from the Los Angeles entrance then East for 1 mile to the Long Beach entrance, and is marked at both ends by lights.  The Long Beach Breakwater extends East 2.2 miles from Long Beach entrances and is marked by lights on both ends.

The Long Beach Channel leads North-West from West of Long Beach Breakwater for 2.2 miles to Middle Harbor, thence North to Back Channel and the Inner Harbor.

The Los Angeles Main Channel leads North-West from the East of the San Pedro Breakwater for about 1 mile, thence North to the Inner Harbor turning basin, thence North-East through East Basin Channel andCerritos Channel.  About 0.6 miles North-West of the breakwater, Super Tanker Channel leads west from the Main Channel to the deep-draft facilities at Berths 45-50.

Extreme caution must be exercised in the Precautionary Area off the entrances to Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors as both incoming and outgoing vessels use this area.  

The Marine Exchange in cooperation with the U.S. Coast Guard operates the Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) for Los Angeles/Long Beach.  Mandatory participation in Vessel Movement and Reporting System (VMRS) is designed to enhance navigational safety in the main channel approaches.  Monitoring VHF-FM channel 14 is required by state and federal law for participating vessels.

The USS Iowa is now at Berth 87, on the Main Channel, San Pedro side.

Harbor Location:  Entrance: N33° 44.215' / W118° 07.270'.  Refer to Chart 18479 San Pedro Bay, 1:20,000.

Lights, Fog Signals

Long Beach Light N33° 43.383' / W118° 11.200', 50 feet above the water is shown from a 42-foot white rectangular tower on a white building no the East end of the Middle Breakwater.  A fog signal is at the light.

Los Angeles Light N33° 42.517' / W118° 15.100', 73 feet above the water is shown from a white cylindrical tower with black stripes on a concrete block on the outer end of the San Pedro breakwater.  A fog signal is at the light.

Harbor, Guest Slips

Anchoring is allowed by White Island, west side of harbor near Long Beach.  Depth is approximately 20', sand.

Yacht Clubs

Useful Links

Marine Exchange of Southern California, KGW-299, monitors VHF-FM channels 16 and 13, and uses channel 14 for working.

Marine Exchange Vessel Traffic Center (VTC) VHF-FM chanel 14

Los Angeles Pilots, VHF-FM channel 73

Long Beach Pilots, VHF-FM channel 12 or 74

NOAA Chart Viewer - Chart 18751

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