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Newport Beach

Overview, Navigation, Hazards

Newport Bay is an extensive lagoon bordered on the seaward side by a 3-mile sandspit.  The bay offers excellent anchorage for large yachts and small craft under all weather conditions.  The entrance to Newport Bay is between jetties 275 yards apart with lights on their outer ends.  A fog signal is at the West jetty light.

Harbor Location: Entrance: N33 35.074N 117 52.703W Chart 18754 Newport Bay 1:10,000.

Lights, Fog Signals

West Jetty (Sandspit) Flashing Green 6 Seconds "3" 

Jetty: Flashing Red 4 Seconds "4"

Fog horn is located at the end of the west jetty.

Harbor, Guest Slips

The Orange County Harbors, Beaches and Parks District administers the berthing of vessels under the direction of a Harbormaster.  The Harbormaster office is located on the East side of the bay about .8 miles from the entrance.  The harbor office may be contacted by telephone at 949 723-1002 or VHF-FM channels 12 and 16.  The patrol boat monitors VHF-FM channel 16.

Yacht Clubs

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