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Santa Barbara

Overview, Navigation, Hazards

Santa Barbara is 29 miles North-West of Point Hueneme, is a resort city and popular yachting harbor with about 1,200 slips. 

The harbor has a 500-yard breakwater extending North-East from Point Castillo to an extensive sandbar that forms the South side of the harbor.  A jetty extends across the sandbar about 400 yards North from the North-East end of the breakwater.  A light is at the end of the jetty and a light and fog signal mark the connection between the breakwater and jetty.  The North-East side of the harbor is formed by Sterns Wharf and is marked by a light at the South end.  A groin, about 125 yards long, extends South from shore about 0.3 mile West of Sterns Wharf.

A dredged entrance channel leads North-West between the breakwater and Sterns Wharf then turns South-West into the harbor.  The channel is marked by buoys. The entrance and harbor are subject to rapid shoaling, especially after South-East storms.

Harbor Location:  Entrance: N34° 24.403' / W119° 41.145'; Refer to Chart 18725 Santa Barbara, 1:12,500.

Lights, Fog Signals

Stearns Wharf Flashing Red 6 Seconds "4"

West Channel Marker Flashing Green 4 Seconds "5"

South Breakwater: Flashing 2.5 Seconds 

North-West Jetty/Sandbar Flashing 4 Seconds

Series of Red buoys marking the entrance

Harbor, Guest Slips

A special anchorage is in the basin behind the breakwater.  A seasonal anchorage area (April-October) and permitted mooring area are East of Sterns Wharf; the mooring area contains several mooring buoys.  The harbormaster desires advanced requests for permission to anchor (805 564-5530).

Yacht Clubs

Useful Links

Santa Barbara Harbormaster, 2182 kHz or VHF-FM channel 16

Santa Barbara Yacht Club Webcam

NOAA Chart Viewer - Chart 18725

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