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Overview, Navigation, Hazards

Ventura Harbor is close to the Northern Channel Islands and is often referred to as the “Gateway” to the Channel Islands. The Santa Barbara Channel is well known for its challenging and diverse sailing conditions: the area has even been used as a training ground for America’s Cup competitors.

Ventura Harbor, 6.7 miles N of Point Hueneme and just north of Santa Clara River, is a small-craft harbor used by pleasure craft and commercial fishing vessels. It has existing berthing facilities for about 1,500 boats. Commercial fish handling facilities are available in the harbor. 

The entrance to Ventura Harbor is between two jetties protected by a 1,800-foot detached breakwater. The South end of the breakwater and the seaward ends of both jetties are marked by lights. A fog signal is at the South jetty light. The fog signal can be activated upon request to the Coast Guard by radiotelephone VHF-FM channel 16. Dangerous breakers can develop in the approach area to the entrance channel in winter when the prevailing winds are from the West. Inbound and outbound vessels are advised by local interests to run a direct course between Ventura Entrance Lighted Whistle Buoy 2V and the breakwater entrance.

Harbor Location:  North Entrance: N34°15.125'  W119°16.447';  South Entrance N34°14.698' W119°16.352'. Refer to Chart 18725 Ventura, 1:25,000.

Lights, Fog Signals

North Jetty Flashing Green 4 Seconds "7" 

South Breakwater: Flashing Green 2.5 Seconds "3"

South Jetty: Flashing Red 4 Seconds "6"

Harbor, Guest Slips

Ventura Harbor is administered by the Ventura Port District and is under the control of a harbor master,who has an office on the point N of the entrance basin. Transients should report to the harbormaster for guestslip assignments. The harbormaster monitors VHF-FM channels 16 and 12, from 0600 to 0200 daily.

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Ventura Beachcam real time view of Venture Pier.

NOAA Chart Viewer - Chart 18725

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