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2012 6th Annual Catalina Rendezvous - Cancelled

posted Jun 18, 2012, 1:09 PM by Tartan-Owners Southern California

Your directors have reluctantly cancelled the 2012 cruise to Catalina, scheduled for 22-23 June. At this point, we have only five owner boats signed up, despite many notices. Still, we suspect that there are some of you as-yet-not-registered boaters who might come, but we cannot operate a cruise costing hundreds of dollars on the wisp of chance that we will have latecomers. Those who have paid their registration will receive a check for same. Those who have ordered burgees will have them sent by mail.

Several boats are not attending owning to other conflicting boating activities, in-between boat negotiations, and in one case the death of the owner. We have tentatively planned next year’s cruise for 14-15 June 2013, hoping that this weekend will be more compatible with your schedules. Send us you feedback as to your preference for the Cruise date. Look forward to attending our Winter meeting in San Diego. 

The lack of response for the Cruise brings to light another problem --- many of us do not pay our dues unless we actually set foot at a TOSCA event. Your directors cannot operate TOSCA events and our outstanding Web site without you paying reasonable annual dues on a timely basis. For those not yet an active 2013 member, please send your $35 dues by check made out to “William Solberg” to: William Solberg, 3224 Kelton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034.

We hope that many of you will still plan to show up at Catalina for the 22-23 June weekend for an informal get-together. We've set up a message board under 'Forums', 'Catalina Rendezvous', 'Ad Hoc TOSCA Rendezvous'. Please refer to this and post your intentions and suggestions for your preferred harbor. For example, Cat Harbor is a novel place that still offers access to the Restaurant and the General Store at Two Harbors.

Don and I are sorry about this. We will continue to strive to make TOSCA an interesting experience as our TOSCA fleet grows in numbers. Please send us your comments.