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2014 San Diego Boat Show/Dinner and Bay Cruise

posted Jan 27, 2014, 10:53 PM by Tartan-Owners Southern California   [ updated Jan 29, 2014, 4:59 PM ]

First and foremost, wow - yet another fantastic TOSCA weekend!! We had excellent turn-out by our membership at both the dinner Saturday night and the sailing on Sunday. It was wonderful to see the members having so much fun and, for some, getting to know each other for the first time. For those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s a brief recap of the action.

Saturday, January 25
The Boat Show – many of us went to the San Diego Boat Show to see the new boats, visit with the vendors and just hang out together informally. There were fewer vendors than in the past and fewer boat manufacturers represented at the show, but it was still fun to walk around and see what’s out there. One thing sure became clear – we’re all feeling really good about being Tartan owners!!

The TOSCA Annual Dinner - We met up at Fiddlers Green for the Annual TOSCA Dinner – the head count represented almost 85% of the active membership, which was wonderful. Although a bit chaotic at times, everybody had so much fun seeing friends old and new, and getting to know each other a little better. We paid homage to Bill Solberg, who has decided to step down from his position as TOSCA co-director. Bill has been at the helm of TOSCA since its inception and we will forever be grateful for all he has done to keep this group busy over the years. In typical Bill fashion, rather than focus on his own accomplishments, he offered to carve documentation numbers for any TOSCA member who would like one. Thank you Bill! 

Tartan Yachts graciously picked up the tab for cocktail hour (and all the drinks that followed during dinner), and David Inglis gave a lengthy presentation about where Tartan is today and where it intends to go in the future. Additionally, David presented a Tartan Member Trade-up Program that provides a convenient way for TOSCA members to trade-up their Tartan for a new model. We sincerely appreciate Tartan's continued support of TOSCA! During the evening, other members showed slides of their sailing adventures during the year. The banking responsibilities of the club were transferred to Frank & Patty Connor, and we thank them for taking that on! 

All in all, it was a fun-filled evening and a good time was had by all. Members in attendance included: Bill Solberg, Patty Smiley, Martha Thomas, Don & Laura McLennan, Keith & Mary Fullenweider, Garry Schaffer, Ted Gay, Fred & Pascale Hayem, Nicolas & Gena Jonville, Marko Princevac & Sang-Mi Lee, Paul Ryan & Madhu, and David & Ann Inglis. 

Sunday, January 26
Sailing!!!! – A giant THANK YOU to Fred & Pascale Hayem, and to Nicolas Jonville for sharing their beautiful Tartan 3700’s with the rest of us for a spectacular day on the water. Paul Ryan also volunteered his Tartan 3500 (“Peter Rabbit”) but we decided to all hop on to the two boats instead. 13 members of TOSCA came out for this super fun day on “Taina” and “Sans Frontiere” (Fred, Pascale, Don, Dave & Caroline Stege, Marko and Sang Mi were on Taina, along with Lola, their fun little Chihuahua; and Nico, Laura, Paul, Madhu, Keith and Mary were on Sans Frontiere). Lots of people brought food and drink, we had an impromptu race between the two sister boats (there is still a dispute as to which boat really won), and we saw WHALES, including one who breached!!!! When we returned to the dock, we had a birthday party for Marko and Fred, both of whom are having significant birthdays this week (hint – they both end with a “0”). There was so much laughter all day long and it was just a fantastic time. 

TOSCA’s Future 

There was a lot of discussion among the membership during the dinner and again at the dock about the direction TOSCA should take. In a nutshell, here’s what came about by the end of the weekend: 

Structure of TOSCA - I will continue on as the Director of TOSCA, with the able assistance of the membership at large. Frank & Patty Connor will be the Treasurers, Laura will be the "Social Director", Keith will be the "Cruise Director" to plan the annual summer TOSCA Rendezvous, Sang-Mi Lee and Dave Stege will coordinate the photography (at least from this past weekend), and everybody else will pitch in to keep this group as vibrant as it was this past weekend. 

Annual Rendezvous - the majority of the members felt that we should continue to hold this event at the Isthmus, since it is truly the only logical meeting place, given the membership geographics, which stretch from Santa Barbara to Coronado Island south of San Diego. The question is which weekend to hold the Rendezvous? Laura will be sending out an e-mail shortly and will identify the weekend that allows the largest number of members to participate. Please watch for her e-mail and respond quickly, as we need to get this calendared right away. To further mix things up a bit, folks suggested a boat pot-luck dinner instead of a formal dinner at Doug's Reef.

Informal Dinners - We all agreed that the informal dinner in Dana Point this past November was so much fun that we should make it a twice-a-year event – once in the spring and once in the fall. The Harbor Grill in Dana Point seems to be a perfect meeting place, although we can also move one of the dinners a little farther north to accommodate our northern members. We'll be scheduling this event shortly. 

Weekend Sailing Adventures - Yesterday's sail was so much fun that we want to do more – the next day sail will be in Long Beach, probably in April. Circumnavigating the Cerritos Channel is amazing! There are at least 4 members with boats in the immediate vicinity, so there should be plenty of space for everybody who can join us. Anybody who is interested can drive or sail up and join in the fun. More on that to follow soon...... Likewise, anybody who wants to plan and/or host a day of sailing anywhere else should feel free to do so. 

San Diego Dinner Venue - Several people suggested we try different dinner venues for next year's San Diego Boat Show dinner. Nico Jonville will present options to share with the group. 

If this past weekend was any indication, TOSCA is alive and well. Although some of the events are changing slightly in terms of format and formality (or lack thereof), people are starting to really get to know one another. When we’re spread out as far as we are, that’s not an easy feat. Everybody is enthusiastic and looking forward to the upcoming events, so it’s an exciting time for our group. Please feel free to jump in and plan something, make any suggestions you wish about almost anything, and certainly, above all, to participate in all the activities coming up this year. 

Your TOSCA Director - Don McLennan