The Annual Dinner in San Diego on Saturday, January 23, 2016 was a smash success! We thank our most gracious hosts, Pascale and Fred Hayem, for having the event in their beautiful home and preparing an incredible pig roast! 

There were 24 people in attendance, including Pascale & Fred, our newest members - Gary & Diane Schaffel, some out-of-town members all the way from Florida – Dave & Denise Chu, Riley Mixson & Carol, Paul & Marcela Ryan, Marko Princevac & Sang-Mi Lee, Caroline & David Stege, as well as their daughter Christina, Mary & Keith Fullenwider, Nico & Jena Jonville, Don & Laura McLennan, and our faithful supporting representative of Tartan Yachts – Dave Inglis & his wife Ann, and his little boy Philip. The weather even cooperated (for the most part)


 During the dinner, we held our annual meeting. Marko Princevac of the Nominating Committee presented the proposed Board members and Don McLennan, Frank Conner and Keith Fullenwider were re-elected by a unanimous vote. The calendar of events was proposed and the group voted to have the following events: 

APRIL 2: Meet Odyssey, the newest Tartan 4000 on the West Coast, proudly owned by our newest members, Gary & Diane Schaffel. They will be hosting the event at the Del Rey Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey. Guest slips will be made available for any members wishing to sail to Marina del Rey for the weekend. Details to follow….. 

JUNE 16 – 19: This year, the Annual Catalina Rendezvous will be held in Emerald Bay, where we will join the members of the Corsair Yacht Club for their annual Ashbridge Race on June 18. We will race around the west end of Catalina, round Eagle Rock and sail back to Emerald. There is a trophy for the fastest non-Corsair boat, so each of you will be contenders! Let’s show the Corsairs just how fast and fabulous our beautiful Tartans really are! For those of you new to Emerald Bay, it is just a few miles west of the Isthmus. There is great snorkeling, diving and hiking there, so it should be a great weekend! We will need a firm commitment of boats no later than the week before, so that we can be assured of getting moorings. 

Date TBD: our Annual Fall BBQ. In case you’re wondering, because of the timing of the Odyssey and Rendezvous events, the members voted to not have the usual Spring BBQ this year. 

On Sunday, we had a fabulous day of sailing in the San Diego Bay. Peter Rabbit (Paul & Marcela Ryan) and Taina (Fred Hayem) hosted 9 sailors (Caroline & David Stege, Nico Jonville, Marko Princevac, Sang-Mi Lee, Keith & Mary Fullenwider, and Don & Laura McLennan). We even found the opportunity to fly the gennaker on Peter Rabbit for awhile! We rafted up lunch by Glorietta Bay and really enjoyed the beautiful views of San Diego from the water. Thanks to all for coming, thanks again to our gracious hosts on Saturday and Sunday, and thanks to the members for all of your ongoing support! We are a great group of sailors.