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2016 Catalina Rendevzous and Ashbridge Race

posted Apr 13, 2016, 8:11 AM by Tartan-Owners Southern California
This year will be something completely new and different!

WHEN:  JUNE 16 – 19, 2016 (Thursday through Sunday).  Mark your calendars now!!!

WHERE:  EMERALD COVE, just west of the Isthmus by about 4 coves.  It is an incredibly beautiful location, with clear water that you can snorkel/dive/swim in, a beach for walking your doggies, and fun hiking destinations.  It is also home to the Corsair Yacht Club on the east end and the Boy Scouts on the west.

RSVP BY JUNE 6 IS ESSENTIAL:  If you want a mooring in Emerald Bay, you MUST let us know that you are coming no later than JUNE 6.  We will be submitting your boat name, boat length and Coast Guard /DMV registration to the Fleet Captain of the Corsair Yacht Club, who will be providing that list to the Harbor Master well ahead of time to make sure we all get moorings.  If you do not RSVP by this deadline, we cannot guarantee that you will get a mooring.  Generally speaking, there is plenty of available space at Emerald but not always, so try to RSVP by the deadline please!!

SPECIAL FEATURE – THE ASHBRIDGE RACE:  The Corsair Yacht Club has graciously extended an invitation for TOSCA to participate in its annual Ashbridge Race around the west end of Catalina and back.  The race takes place on Saturday afternoon (June 18), usually starting at 1:00 pm, and is a non-spinnaker race.  There will be a skippers’ meeting in the morning to review the details.  It’s a light-hearted and good-natured race but taken sort of seriously by those participating in it, while enjoying one another’s company and often sipping on adult beverages.  Depending on how light the winds are, the race can take several hours and has sometimes been canceled mid-race so that all boats can return before sunset.  There is a special trophy to be won by non-Corsairs, so the race is on!!!  Please note that if you don’t wish to race your own Tartan, you are more than welcome to hop aboard another one that is racing.  You ‘re also welcome to remain in the Cove and enjoy the peace and quiet after the racing boats depart, and to cheer us on when we finally return!  If you would like to crew on somebody else’s boat, please let me know so I can try to coordinate people with boats.

IF YOU THINK YOU WANT TO RACE YOUR OWN BOAT – we need to know this well in advance, since one of the Corsair members will be calculating the ratings for each participating boat.  The ratings are pretty informal and take into consideration items such as dodger, fixed prop, etc.  We do not want to show up at the last minute and be rude guests.  We will be obtaining the requisite information from you so that the ratings can all be done ahead of time.

Thursday, June 16:  
Arrive at Emerald Cove and pick up mooring.  Dinner will be informal, with fellow TOSCAns finding one another and barbequing on the back of our boats.  Bring food/drink to share with your friends!

Friday, June 17:  
10:00 - Group hike to Parson’s Landing.  It’s about 3 miles round trip.  Farther destinations are readily accessible for the more hardy members.  
12:30 – lunch as a giant group on some of our boats or on the beach – Intuition may bring Mai Tai’s to keep the tradition going!!
5:30 – join the Corsair’s on shore at their facilities for a BBQ – bring your own food/dishes/drink.  They provide the BBQ and have dishwashing facilities ashore.

Saturday, June 18:
10:00 – Skipper’s Meeting on shore at the Cove
1:00 – Ashbridge Race begins
6:00 – the famous Corsair  “Punchbowl” – anybody coming ashore is asked to pay a $10 donation, even if you choose not to partake in the punchbowl.  The fee helps pay for the long-term lease and use of Emerald Cove.  We have agreed with the Corsairs that all participating TOSCA members will make the donation.  In exchange, we get the use of the cove, the BBQ, the flush toilets, etc…..

Sunday, June 19:
Depart for home

And that’s it!  It should be an awesome weekend!!  Please try to come and join in all the fun!  

Laura McLennan, your ever-faithful “TOSCA Social Director”