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Off The Bow - April 13, 2011

posted Jun 18, 2012, 1:04 PM by Tartan-Owners Southern California   [ updated Jun 18, 2012, 5:37 PM ]

The Official TOSCA Newsletter

April 13, 2011

Keep this date! 5th Annual TOSCA Cruise Friday, June 24 through Sunday, June 27!

We have been planning the upcoming 5th Annual TOSCA Cruise to Two Harbors, Catalina, and we look
forward to another wonderful weekend with our fellow Tartan owners. Details are given below, and it is time
to sign up. Lets beat last year’s record of sixteen boats!
Breaking News! Tartan Yachts has agreed to be a major sponsor of the 5th Annual TOSCA Cruise. Towards sunset on Saturday, 25 June, Tartan will host a wine and cheese party at the Banning House. Tartan is also providing a grant to enable TOSCA to throw the best cruise party yet. Steve Malbasa, President of Tartan Yachts will be sail over in his T4300, along with his wife Stephanie, who is involved in running Blue Pacific Sailing in Marina del Rey. Greg Farah, Tartan dealer in Marina del Rey, and his wife, will also attend. We look forward to hearing about the progressive changes and new boats underway at the factory.

Summary of event activities: 5th Annual TOSCA Cruise, Friday, June 24 through Sunday, June 27

  • Arrive on Friday, with an opening night Barbecue on Friday evening beginning at 1800 hours at the bandstand area aft of the General Store (NOTE: The BBQ venue is not in the same place as last year). Bring your own meat, fish and favorite wine, beer or whatever and we will provide the various trimmings.
  • We will have a TOSCA meeting Saturday morning at 1030 hours. A featured talk will be made by a Tartan representative. We also want to discuss what TOSCA should be doing for its members. So think about this, and make your suggestions..
  • At 1230 hours on Saturday, we will have our traditional “floating lunch”. Arrive in your dinghy and bring some food and drink to share. We will raft up near the rocks on the West Side of Isthmus Cove.
  • Saturday afternoon will be a very nice time to cruise around Isthmus Cove in your dinghy, and look over our collection of beautiful Tartans. The afternoon is for visiting boats and relaxation.
  • From 1700 hours, Saturday, we will then enjoy a gorgeous sunset at the Banning House patio for cocktails, courtesy of Tartan Yachts. You may request a ride by calling the Banning House, but those who are able will enjoy the walk up the hill. Arrive early and enjoy the ambiance.
  • At 1930 hours, dinner will be enjoyed in the restaurant. Our featured speaker is Steve Malbasa, President of
    The cost of dinner, tax and tip included, is included in the cruise registration fee. We will have our own menu that will feature several items.

Click here for the official agenda.

Cruise Registration

Please fill out and complete the attached reservation form, and return it with the appropriate check to TOSCA, c/o Bill Solberg, 3224 Kelton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034. Registrations are due by June 7, 2011, but please register a.s.a.p. in order that we may better plan for this event. Call Bill at 310 709 3453 (cell) if there is need. We will be anxious to see you on the cruise weekend!


The new site is up and running and it is a gorgeous piece of work! Here you will find information about Tartan Owners of Southern California and locate valuable local information to assist you in trip preparation and seamanship. Our goal is to make this site an attractive and often used resource. Several members have found it useful – please take a moment and visit the new site. Key features:
  • Function: Your Web page look and feel has been greatly improved allowing easier access to the content pages. The site has a consistent and professional in quality.
  • About Us: An overview of TOSCA, membership and activities. Visitors will learn more about TOSCA. On this page is summary of the local weather obtained from NOAA sites (try this, you'll find it easier than going directly to NOAA). This is a site you will go to the night before you set out to sea.
  • Events: Schedule and description of TOSCA activities -- a place you can go to set your calendar for for Tartan sailing events.
  • Reference Material: This is a resource to help you collect and organize documentation -- brochures, technical information, owners manuals. We invite you to send in electronic versions of your boat’s manuals and other documentation.
  • Local Marinas: Go here for a quick look at each of the marinas in the TOSCA geographic area. For each marina, there’s an overview description, location and hazards taken from the Coast Pilot, Harbor Patrol and guest slip/berthing information, local yacht clubs and the NOAA text weather forecast.
  • Membership: Past and present TOSCA members.
  • Photo Galleries: Find and post various web photo albums into the TOSCA website.
  • Useful Links: Information relevant to local boating, Tartan brokers, Weather, AIS (automatic identification of boats at sea).
  • Sponsors: A location to find discounts on equipment you purchase for your Tartan.
  • Other information
The Web site allows collaborative content management. Interested owners (registered users) will be able to edit documents and post technical articles and helpful hints for managing your Tartan. The site is evolving and continues to improve. Please forward any suggestions to us at

Tartan Dealership Update

We now have 3 Tartan sales locations open in Southern California. Southern California Yacht Sales in San Diego,Blue Pacific Boating in Marina del Rey and a new Blue Pacific location that just opened in Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard. The Marina del Rey location has a new (stock) Tartan 43 on the hard and two demo boats (T4300 and T3700) in the water for test sails. If any of you are feeling that you need more space the sales people in any of these locations are there to help! … and they take trade-ins!

Word from the factory is that they are seeing increasing demand. Very encouraging in this economy. The new Tartan 4000 was a hit at the Newport (Rhode Island) boat show and we hope to have one out here for demo in the next 6 months.

We look forward to another great year!

Doug Mills
Tartan 3500 "Elan"
Bill Solberg
Tartan 3800 "Wind Dancer"
Don McLennan
Tartan 3500 "Intuition"
626 791-9246