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Kip Morrison to promote Tartan-C&C in Southern California

posted Jul 9, 2012, 6:14 PM by Tartan-Owners Southern California   [ updated Jul 10, 2012, 7:32 PM ]
Tartan-C&C Yachts has hired the high profile firm Kip Morrison to promote the brand in Southern California. Kip's firm comprises an octet of experienced personnel with offices in Los Angeles. Kip was out testing the new T4300 at Blue Pacific in Marina del Rey. 

From Kip Morrison's news announcement:

A sailor for over 30 years, there was no better place for this client to fall than in Kip’s arms, or should we say, sealegs. Unmatched performance, unprecedented technology and unlimited luxuries intertwine to give us Tartan Yachts. Continuously establishing new standards of performance, quality and craftsmanship, the yachts fall in a class of their own. Throughout the 50-years at sea, Tartan has made their name building world class, heirloom quality yachts. The discriminating sailor swoons for the cherry wood doors, revolutionary hull and industry-leading innovations. Handcrafted, American-made and prestigious. Tartan Yachts are a real thing of beauty.

We wish Kip and her staff much success!